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Artist Caity Salamanca found herself to be an introverted observer as a child. She found communication through words difficult, she might go so far to say she found it dull and just simply unappealing. Eventually she found her form of communication through drawing. This was the beginning of her creative development and perspective of the world, which is now expressed by sculptural painting. She explored various pathways of art, such as ceramics and photography all of which have strengthened her work. She practiced several different styles of painting before she developed her unique voice that embodies all of her favorite techniques that she has accumulated over the years, from smooth blends of color to thick, chewy texture. The action of mark making mirror an internal language that has been built up over a lifetime of experiences, observations, and intuition. As a self taught artist, she takes great pride in the notable achievements she has accomplished in the first year of showing her work, such as publications in British Vogue magazine and the inclusion in the prestigious exhibition, Made In California 2024 and many more.

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