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CAITY SALAMANCA is a sculptural painter, born and raised in the Bay Area, California. Following a lifetime of creativity, the pandemic enabled her to come into her own as an artist, shifting to a texture-driven body of work. Dynamic and intuitive, her work signals the reward of taking risks and embracing vulnerability. 

“When someone asks me about my practice I struggle to find the words because my work is a replacement of language. Articulation has never been my strong suit but I always found a way to stand out, mostly by sudden, short lived moments of magic. My work is a direct correlation to the moments of magic I've expressed throughout my life commonly described as, silent but deadly, overlooked but remembered, uneducated but smart. This is how I've felt moving through life until I started painting in 2020. I've realized the past few years as I continue to strengthen my practice that this magic has been embedded in me the whole time, it's not for me to store away for the next magical moment. When I started showing last year I slowly developed comfort in wearing my magic on my sleeve while meeting new friends and mentors who encouraged me to continue to work. As my art has gone through many transformations, I've reached a place that feels true, honest and reveals who I want to become. I create this work to change energy and give the viewer the courage to look inward."

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